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Join us for a transformative one-day festival celebrating the unifying power of theatre and art. Experience the vibrancy of San Diego's performing arts community and the magic of live theatre and performances. Explore and support local small businesses and organizations.


Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to be inspired and uplifted!


One-day event | August 10th | California Center for the Arts, Escondido: Art & Education Studios ​


Discover the vibrancy of contemporary theater at the inaugural CCAET Staged Reading Series, where every voice gets to be in the spotlight. Showcasing a diverse range of productions from new musicals to one person performances to folkdance, this one-day festival promises to celebrate San Diego’s theatrical community and inspire us to uplift everyone around us. Each performance is a testament to the power of live theatre. Join us in celebrating the artistry and imagination of San Diego artists in the first rendition of the Staged Reading Series at CCAET, conceived and organized by the Dorris Staples Conservatory Apprenticeship Team. Whether you're a seasoned theater enthusiast, a frequent patron of Theatricals, or a newcomer eager to explore, this summer festival offers something extraordinary for everyone to enjoy. And who knows, you might even be in the spotlight.

Hosted by CCAE Theatricals, in collaboration with multiple San Diego theatre companies, the nature of the festival encourages the opening of one's mind and experiences. View performances from our featured guests Loud Fridge Theatre, Blindspot Collective, Jennifer Savion and CCAE Theatricals. Including performances by Ballet Folklórico Ti-Pai, goodies from local food vendors, and the advocating of multiple meaningful organizations. 



$10 General Admission per event:                                                     A la Carte add-ons:                                   

  • Another Day in Paradise (Blindspot Collective)                                                      •  Festival Dinner ($35)

  • Falling on Track (Jennifer Savion)                                                                           • Festival After-Party ($20)

  • The Pandemusical Diaries (Loud Fridge Theatre)

  • Call your Mother (CCAE Theatricals)

OR buy our All Access Pass

All Access Passes: 

  • Festival Sponsor Package ($250)

    • ​VIP All Access package, Sponsorship Listing in Festival Program & Pre-Festival Meet & Greet

      • Must be purchased by July 15th

  • VIP All Access Pass ($120)

    • ​Preferred Seating at all events, admission to Dinner & Festival Party, VIP Goodie Bag

  • All Access Pass ($75)

    • ​Includes Dinner & Festival Party

Call Your Mother - Presented by CCAE Theatricals

Happy Mother’s Day from Cool Beans Coffee! Our new barista, Marco, is not really in the holiday spirit. After his parents divorced and his dad passed away, Marco hasn’t been able to forgive his mother for moving on and fears that she might abandon him too. As we meet the various quirky personalities in the coffee shop – from the shop owner with the mariachi band, to the sweet elderly woman who just wants to have a conversation at the register, to the office intern on the verge of a nervous breakdown – they all try their best to convince Marco to make amends and call his mother on Mother’s Day. Through an indie/folk score within the eccentric lifestyle of coffee culture, Call Your Mother shows that, while we each have our own separate battles, we don’t have to fight them alone.

Another Day in Paradise - Presented by Blindspot Collective

Based on intentional conversations with people who are currently or formerly unhoused. Don’t miss this new play with music currently in development by Blindspot Collective. This 90-minute reading speaks on the various experiences of this often overlooked population. gain new perspectives from this thought-out piece creating awareness of a current issue in society.

The Pandemusical Diaries - Presented by Loud Fridge Theatre

This piece recounts Spring 2020 shelter-in-place life for a queer arts educator, who often pairs parody and showtunes as their own sort of music therapy. With two dozen familiar melodies set to headline stories, emotional outbursts, and relatable perspectives, this one-person presentation captures moments of trauma and triumph through what is [still] an ongoing global pandemic.

Falling on Track - Presented by Jennifer Savion

A unique music-powered journey chronicling moments of throwing caution to the wind and completely changing direction in the face of uncertainty. Join Jennifer Savion as she shares original music and personal stories about forks in the road, the butterfly effect, and the fickleness of fate.​​



The immersive nature of this festival has invited various guest collaborators from the San Diego county. From theatre companies, to dance companies and food providers, A Spotlight for Every Voice is a place to meet new people and create a community.


The following are organizations and artists you will find at the event.

Find more information on who they are and what they are bringing! 

Blindspot Logo white text.png
Blindspot Collective

Blindspot Collective, bringing Another Day in Paradise to A Spotlight for Every Voice, is a nonprofit organization in San Diego that produces radically inclusive programming at the intersection of advocacy, education, and entertainment that cultivates and celebrates new work, emerging artists, diverse audiences, and fresh ideas. Their work aims to highlight the stories, voices, and communities that are often overlooked in society.

LFTG Logo transparent background.png
Loud Fridge Theatre

Loud Fridge Theatre Group, bringing The Pandemusical Diaries, is a collective of multi-hyphenate artists who are cooking up diverse stories, fresh ideas, and tasty experiences that can nourish our community. The company believes that joyful collaboration informs and expands the creative process. Inclusively, Loud Fridge Theatre Group believes that there is room in our fridge for everyone. They believe in telling stories that are bold, honest, and diverse - and telling them LOUDLY.

 Loud Fridge Theatre Group is here to make a NOISE in the community. 

Falling on Track Logo (1).png
Jennifer Savion

Jennifer is an active member of the San Diego performing arts community and is a singer, instrumentalist (piano/keys/hand percussion), teacher (voice, piano, and dance), and music director. In 2023, Jennifer founded the San Diego Cabaret Project, a collective of highly skilled professional visual and performing artists who are committed to collaborating with similar artists to create community, regular performances, and new interdisciplinary art. In A Spotlight for Every Voice, Jennifer will be performing her one-woman show Falling on Track!

The Art of Autism

The Art of Autism is a 501c3 nonprofit that hopes to foster independence, self-esteem, and artistic expression by participating in The Art of Autism Project. They take action in their mission by supporting artists, musicians, and creative writers on the autism spectrum; raising awareness about autism and the arts; and strengthening the broader autism community. The Art of Autism organization will be hosting an art display of many of the artists that they support. Don't miss the opportunity to purchase and support the beautiful art they will be showcasing!

Ballet Folklórico Ti-Pai

Since its establishment in 2014, Ballet Folklórico Ti-Pai thrives to represent Mexico's culture through the passion of its dancers. While portraying traditional dances, the dance company ensures showcasing entertainment and acknowledgment of their cultural roots to its audience. The company makes sure they hold a diverse community, welcoming everyone and ensuring there is a learning environment for all. With compassion and empathy, there is constant support to all dancers through their intellectual, professional, and artistic growth. Watch their special performance during one of our intermissions at the festival!


Meet the Dorris Staples Conservatory Apprentice Team who spearheaded the organization of this festival and Call Your Mother!


Yoni Kruvi
Festival Organizer
& Show Director


Lauryn Vicencio
Festival & Show Managing Producer 


Thaise Jenkins
Festival Education Coordinator
& Scenic Designer


Jayden Smith
Marketing Coordinator & Assistant Director


Mariana Perezchica
Marketing Coordinator
& Stage Manager

Christina Charlene Quintana Olague.jpg

Christina Charlene
Quintana Olague

Festival Poetry Coordinator


California Center for the Arts, Escondido: Art & Education Studios 

To facilitate navigation between shows, entertainment, and education, A Spotlight for Every Voice, will be held at CCAE's Art & Education Studios. Please see the map below to facilitate the location of these. 

SRS Map.png
SRS IG Announcement (1080 x 1350 px) (4).png
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