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“a commitment to supporting young peoples stories, ideas, and dreams through creative expression and honoring their lived experience.”

- Creative Youth Development National Partnership                  

CCAE Theatricals’ Creative Youth Development (CYD) efforts include school programs, camps, and workshops for youth, all centered on helping children express themselves through the creative outlet of theatre. In our CYD efforts, we center equity and strive for social justice, ensuring that children of all races, ability levels, and socioeconomic statuses have access to and feel welcomed in our programming.


One CYD effort, Camp ¡Exprésate!, is presented in partnership with Escondido Union School District’s Expanded Learning Program. Camp ¡Exprésate! is an introductory theatre camp for 2nd-4th graders that centers storytelling and self expression. “Exprésate” means “express yourself.” At Camp ¡Exprésate!, we do that every day, in every way. Campers receive instruction in acting, singing, dancing, and design, all with the goal of helping them tell their own stories and find inspiration through art. 

Check out photos from our Fall Camp!

Learn more about the Dorris Staples Theatrical Conservatory


As a workforce development program,
the Dorris Staples Theatrical Conservatory (DSTC)
creates access to and pathways for careers and experiences
in the arts, ensuring the industry belongs to everyone.

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